30 Things To Do Before 30 #bucketlist

I’ve had a solid girl group since I was 11.

That’s 17 years of friendship.

They’re my squad, my clique, my brothers, my pack – we have been through it all together.

And when I think about how fast that’s flown by, I’m sure the next 17 years won’t be slowing down.

Periods, boyfriends, breakups, first times, last times, holidays, Uni, mortgages, marriages, babies – we’ve been there. Through it ALL.

So with the first babe in our sacred group to be entering into the last year of her 20s, it got me thinking – I’m not anywhere near where I had planned to be by 30.

And I can’t see how I’ll be there in 1.5 years. I’m not working for myself, I’m not earning *enough*, I don’t have financial freedom and I haven’t finished writing the book I was supposed to by now.


Instead of having a Rachel Green style meltdown or demanding my boyfriend take me to Disneyland (I might be planting a certain Floridian palm tree seed already) and avoiding it – I’m mentally prepping now.

I’m 28 years, 6 months and 23 days. So what can I achieve in that time?


I’ve come up with 30 things I’ve never done or not doing, and it’s going to be my mission to tick them off over the next year and a half.

30 things to do before 30 – my list

  1. Finish that book: it’s top of my agenda to complete this before my 30th I have to.
  2. Be vegan for a month: or longer if I can manage
  3. Body confident: this is a biggy – there’s a lot of elements to this, but my end goal is to own the body I was given, whether that’s half a stone heavier or lighter, it needs love
  4. Be fit and healthy: in the same breathe as number 5 on my list, I want to be healthy and I want to be fit. That might not mean having my dream bod, but it’ll be what’s healthy for me
  5. Volunteer: whether I manage it once, every month or week – life and fulfilment is about helping others, isn’t it?
  6. Work for myself: my dream is to be in control of my earning potential, success limits and my day
  7. Print off photos: what actually happens if one day Facebook shuts down? Aka what happens to all of those photos? Mission print and archive
  8. Travel, travel, travel: I would absolutely love to take a huge amount of time off to travel with my boyfriend, but circumstances don’t allow that right now. That doesn’t mean we can’t see the world on lovely holidays and getting out and exploring the UK
  9. Take on a new charity challenge: I recently completed a cycle from London to Paris and LOVED it, so I’m definitely going to source another charity challenge soon
  10. Write a poem: I’ve never attempted poetry – what if I’m the next Carol Ann Duffy?!
  11. Go to Glastonbury: I can’t believe I’ve never been! Shameful.
  12. Save money: yeah, this one needs to happen
  13. Go on a girls’ holiday: the last time we went abroad was Y2k+10
  14. Publish more blog posts: three posts a week at least
  15. Try acting: always wanted to do it, never had the balls. Get me to Corrie and on those cobbles
  16. Visit Vegas: okay this one has never appealed to me, but let’s do it. Take ma moniesssssss crazy place
  17. Get a personal trainer: weights only – sculpt me, please
  18. Run a race: I am probably the world’s worst runner, and probably couldn’t run for 10 minutes right now. So let’s see if signing up to a 10k shifts my bum
  19. Learn something new: this one might need fleshing out…a language? Cooking? Skiing?
  20. Invest more time in family and friends: perhaps unmeasurable, but I’m going to attempt to be present and engaging with those I love the most
  21. Get crafty: attempt to make and sell something with my bare hands
  22. Go on a walking holiday: whether that’s in the UK or abroad, pulling on those boots and trekking around is one of my favourite things to do
  23. Be that girl who has regular facials: and takes care of her skin – yep, that’ll be me
  24. Write a letter to my 30-year-old self: and my 40-year-self, write it honestly and openly
  25. Get a skill: I’m not particularly skilled at anything, so specialising in something would be brill, thanks
  26. Buy something expensive for myself: I’ve never treated myself to anything designer or expensive, so before I’m 30 I should treat myself, no?
  27. Read more: I love to read, I just need to make time for it. A book a month seems realistic?
  28. Eat out alone: the definition of being comfortable and confident with your own company
  29. Try a new fitness class: get fit and have fun, what’s not to love?
  30. Run a successful blog: I’m new to the game, but hopefully, we can inspire each other <3

And when the time comes, I’m sure I’ll be totally satisfied heading into my best years yet.

The fun STARTS in your 30s! And I’ll be looking forward to them.

How many of these have you completed? What would be on your bucket list? Let me know!

Love Laura x


  1. 23/11/2018 / 7:28 pm

    What numbers are you putting against these goals?

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