About Me


“The bad news is time flies.

The good news is you’re the pilot”

   –  Michael Althsuler

This is exactly my motive for this blog. Time.

I’m Laura. A 20-something-young-woman (an actual grown up) who thought she’d have ‘everything’ figured out by now.

I thought I’d be working for myself and running my own business, with total autonomy over my salary, freedom and time. But as I continue working in the corporate world, I see my dreams slipping away hand in-hand with Father T.

Not to be dramatic though.

I have a great life, I really enjoy my job and I have a fantastic network around me.

Here’s the reality – if I had to take one thing from my house if it was on fire, it would be my most treasured possession – my granny’s diaries. They are the most incredible thing!

My heart broke when my grandparents passed away in 2016, but I am so grateful for having their influence and to have the privilege of having their lives encapsulated in my granny’s own words since she was 16 – right up until a year before she had to move on.

I see this blog as being my little space in the world, which, if nobody but my future grandchildren read, then it would all have been absolutely be worth it.

You can expect an eclectic mix of content here. I, like to think, I have too many interests to be niche and as I plan this to encapsulate my journey throughout life like granny’s diaries, I’m sure in 20, 40, 60 years – my interests and life events will move on, but I hope to have experienced it all wholly and passionately.

If you want to follow my journey, I would love that ♡

I’m off to start pinning down some time and to fly this plane in my own, mother-effing, direction.