Microneedling Review: Dermapen Treatment

What’s microneedling all about?

Collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, as it’s more commonly known – coined most famously by Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, is a process of penetrating the skin with tiny needles in order to produce collagen to improve the appearance of scars, fine wrinkles, acne and under eye circles.

I’ve never had particularly bad skin.

Even in high school, I was lucky enough that I didn’t go through the spotty teenage years.

Depending on my cycle, I’ll get the odd breakout which, more often than not, are those under the skin boils which can be quite painful. In my experience, nothing good comes from trying to squeeze these bad boys out, you just have to ride them out and eventually they do go back to whatever hell they came from.

My decision to have microneedling, was quite an un-researched and spontaneous one.

I want to be the kind of girl who has her shit together and has monthly facials, because that’s what a successful kinda woman does, right?

Benefits of microneedling: Girl with perfect skin

So, I decided to ask my waxist, Diane, what kind of facials she offers at her salon. I told her I wanted something to get rid of the small bumps under my skin and to even out my skin tone.

My skin was in pretty good shape when we were chatting, with no ‘official’ spots. It’s just it’s never completely smooth. In the light or on photos, those bumps are clearly visible.

That’s when a treatment using a dermapen was recommended to unblock pores and generate the holy grail of perfect skin – collagen.

Now, I don’t know about you but whenever I have a facial or massage, I want to see results. I don’t want to be stroked and pampered for an hour, I’m paying for a lasting effect.

So I booked my appointment for the weekend and thought nothing else about it.

 Microneedling: The Process 

I arrived at the salon makeup free as advised and was taken into a treatment room to be prepped.

My face was cleansed and numbing cream was applied all over and cling film was stretched across my entire face.

Microneedling: Numbing cream is applied and sealed with cling film

My face was cleansed and numbing cream was applied. Cling film sealed in the cream.

For my face to be fully numb, I had to wait 45 minutes before the dermapen facial could begin.

My face was getting increasingly more numb and I was ready for the needling to begin.

No pain, no gain!

I like to think I have a pretty high pain-threshold with having a Hollywood wax every 6-8 weeks.

Diane explained to me that she would test the needles on my forehand and if I could cope with the pain, she would turn up the depth of the needles entering my skin, and if I couldn’t she would turn it down.

So she began. And my god – it was one of the most painful feelings I’ve experienced.

The voltage was turned right down, which was only at level 2.

Embarrassingly, my therapist uses it on herself at level 6 – without any anaesthetic. I flinched and I winced, but I was told the forehead is the most painful area of the face.

Through streaming eyes, I told her I would be fine and we continued.

She didn’t lie to me though, as she worked her way down my face the pain eased and I was much more comfortable.

The pen vibrates on your skin and you can feel it making tiny pricks breaking through the surface.

My face was ‘nice and red’ – a sign that blood is rising to the surface, which means it’s working.

The process lasted around an hour and by targeting those blocked pores and bumps, Diane said she could already tell I was going to get a great result.

Vitamin cream was applied at the end, which cooled my skin which was a similar feeling as to when you’ve burnt your skin in the sun and apply some after sun.

The results


Microneedling: My skin straight after the dermapen process

Microneedling: My skin straight after the dermapen process

My skin felt tight and when I looked in the mirror it was red, blotchy and a little swollen. I was assured it would be less red in about an hour and I was told not to wear makeup until the next day.

Microneedling: My skin straight after the dermapen process

Microneedling: My skin was red and blotchy

I was given some of the vitamin cream in a small pot and was told to apply this twice a day.

Throughout the rest of the day, my skin remained feeling tight but the swelling did go down over the hours and once the numbing cream had worn off.

I took photos every hour to see the change, but I was told I would see the best results after three days when my skin would be glowing.

Microneedling: 2 hours after treatment

Microneedling: 2 hours after treatment

Microneedling: Following day results

Microneedling: Following day results

Final thoughts

Overall, I found the procedure pretty painful, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t have it again if I’m happy with the results.

My skin definitely feels smoother and I can’t really see any bumps under the skin, but it’s a treatment where time will tell.

What does microneedling (collagen induction therapy) do?

By using a dermapen, high speed fine needles are inserted into the skin up to 2mm in order for it to rejuvenate itself – improving the appearance of scars, fine wrinkles, acne, under eye circles and to produce collagen.

How much does microneedling cost?

You can buy a dermaroller pretty cheaply off EBay, however, my beauty therapist not carrying out your own needling at home as micro scars can be made by dragging the skin with a roller.

By using a dermapen, you avoid this method as it is carried out in gentle stamping motion.

My treatment cost £85 and I was recommended one more session no sooner than 6 weeks. After this, I probably won’t need another session for a while as I should see some positive results.

Prices will vary, but it’s worth paying more for a professional procedure, rather than scarring your skin with the likes of a dermaroller or someone who is not properly trained – after all your face is the money maker!

Does microneedling hurt?

If you read my review further up the page, you’ll know that I did find the procedure extremely painful at first even with the numbing cream. My eyes streamed and I didn’t think I was going to be able to get to the end of the treatment.

However, once my forehead was finished, the rest of my face wasn’t too bad. Apparently, I have thin skin, which is why it hurt so much.

It’s not something you can predict whether you will find it painful, but y’know, no pain no gain!

What are the benefits of microneedling?

It prevents the signs of ageing, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it stimulates collagen synthesis and elasticity, reduce pore size, removes stretch marks, and reduces+ dark under eye circles.

How many times do you need to have microneedling to see results?

I was told I would just need one more session, but this would depend on the condition of your skin.

If you have particularly bad scarring for example, you might need to have around 4-6 sessions.

How long does it take to see results?

The results are pretty immediate and once any swelling or redness has gone down, so you should notice a difference in the way your skin looks straight away.

After three days your skin will be glowing and after several days and weeks you should really notice the difference.

Apparently, the full affects do not appear until a few months later.

Oh, and I also washed my makeup brushes so my skin has the best chance of being the best version of itself.

What do you think about microneeding? Would you have it done? Let me know in the comments below!

Laura x

DISCLAIMER I am not a medical professional and anything within this blog post is purely from my personal experience of the treatment. You should always consult your doctor if you’re unsure about anything relating to your health prior to receiving this treatment and tell your therapist if you think there’s something he/she should be aware of.    

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