Spygate… Schmygate

I, and the majority associated with Leeds United are getting fed up hearing about Marcelo Bielsa’s “spygate”.

As we’ve spent the past few weeks getting blocked by Stan Collymore, hearing from never-won-anything-has-beens and click-baiting journos, everyone seems to have an opinion on this.

But you can’t help thinking it’s only because it’s Leeds that a witch hunt has started.

Washing-basket-gate, pink-dressing-room-gate, Wenger-in-a-tree-gate, all went unpunished, but here we are discussing what sanctions Leeds should receive, despite not actually breaking any league rules.

“Spygate” gives the anti-Leeds the pretext to return to business as usual in villainising us.

It kills the likes of Keith Andrews to praise us on the pitch, and that we are where we are because we’re playing the best football this league has seen.

“Spygate” gives the anti-Leeds the pretext to return to business as usual in villainising us.

Everyone loves to hate us and we love to be hated – that’s how it’s always been, right?

So it’s no surprise that 11 Championship clubs have written to the EFL for a thorough investigation into Leeds’ information gathering techniques following Bielsa’s press conference on Wednesday.

The timely announcement from the EFL was made a few hours before Saturday’s game away at Stoke.

Predictable? Intentional?

I think so. Much like when Pontus received a one game ban for his comments made against the referee live on Sky. The EFL announced the sanction as he was flying back to Leeds for our game against Ipswich, following the birth of his child in Sweden.

It’s so obvious, it’s laughable.

Game after game, we’re faced with incompetent referees who indeed rob us.

We’re not given stone-wall penalties and players are sent off for, most of the time, we don’t even know what for. We see our players being dragged to the ground by their shirts, the ball booted away time wasting, head butts, diving Brentford bastards… all of which goes unpunished, unnoticed and unheeded.

This is football.

But you can’t help feeling the conspiracy when it’s so consistently one-sided.

The EFL need to be careful with its next move. It has one of the best managers in the world at one of the biggest clubs in English football and if the board decide to deduct points, it will be an insult to everything Bielsa stands for, as well as unjust to the players who are deservedly where they are – not to mention, us the fans.

What people are failing to understand about Bielsa is that he does not need to cheat.

We’re not top because we watched a training session

We are not in the position we are, with the same team that finished 15th in the league last year, because someone “spied” on a training session.

We’re there because Bielsa is so meticulous in his methods, in the videos he watches, the analysis is mind blowing and many should take a lesson in his methods.

He is great for football, great for this league and great for Leeds.

Whatever comes out of a media hyped up overreaction to legal meticulous information gathering, one thing you can bet on is that it’s probably going to be bad news for Leeds.

But another you can bet on is that a Leeds siege is coming and just like -15 er gate, it’ll be us against them.

Just how we like it.

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