World Kindness Day: 10 tips on how to be a kind person

Am I kind?

It was world kindness day last week, and it got me thinking…

I don’t think I’m unkind, but am I really kind in the true sense of the word?

Kind is defined as “generous, helpful, and thinking about other people’s feelings.”

For the most part, most of us can call ourselves kind. Most of us are generous, we help and we think about others – but to what extent?

I probably could be more generous. I could give to charity often, give someone who is homeless a good meal and I could put other people’s feelings ahead of my own; probably a lot more regularly than I do.

You see, we can be self-consumed with our own lives and our own problems that we sometimes miss how others might be feeling.

We might not spot that they could be feeling down, or we might moan about that colleague who’s quick to have a go. But they’re probably struggling with something themselves and we probably shouldn’t be so quick to bite back or bitch and moan behind their back.

So from now, I’m going to try and be a better person and kinder to those I come in contact with.

Because nobody likes an ungenerous, unhelpful and selfish person, anyway.

Here are 10 tips on how you can be even kinder than you already are:

  1. Don’t judge others: As I said earlier, you don’t know what someone else is going through or why they’re behaving the way they are.
  2. See it from their point of view: It’s easy to think you’re always in the right, but it’s a skill to be calm and see things through someone else’s eyes.
  3. Think before you speak: Do you really need to pass comment about what she was wearing? Or that you noticed they’d put on weight or were looking a bit *too* skinny? Enough with the negative comments – you just do you and you’ll feel better for it.
  4. Hold the door open: It really riles me when people let the door swing in front of your face. It’s such a small gesture that goes a long way so just hold the door!
  5. Buy someone a gift just because: It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be as small as a chocolate bar or a bunch of flowers, but how loved would you feel if you were on the receiving end?
  6. Be kind to those who are unkind: In the words of Selena, kill them with kindness. Be classy, you don’t have to change you if someone is being unkind. Just stay true to yourself.
  7. Smile: A smile can go a long way especially with strangers, it’s contagious. I always think about when I was a little girl, I would smile at every other little girl and they’d smile back. We had this unwritten little girl bond. It makes me sad to think that girls are so competitive with each other, and giving each other dirty looks because they look good or whatever. So yeah, smile – you never know you might get one back.
  8. Calm your road rage: It’s not good for you either to be so angry behind the wheel. Why are you in such a rush anyway? There’s plenty of time in the day. Let that shit bag merge in front of you with a smile and a wave and then forget about it.
  9. Buy someone behind you in the queue a coffee: Okay there’s probably something in this where you have a feeling of joy because of it, so it’s not about being completely selfless. But how lovely would you feel if somebody did this for you? You’d probably dance around feeling eternally grateful to that person and spend your life hunting down this kind stranger to thank them. Imagine if the world was like this? Kindness would take over the world.
  10. Be kind to you: Don’t forget about being kind to yourself. I have a habit of being so hard on myself, by believing I’m not living up to expectations which are just my own high expectations of myself. I don’t realise everything I have and everything I’ve achieved. Remember if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, why would you say it to yourself?

Love yo-self.


  1. 20/11/2018 / 10:28 pm

    These are GREAT tips. I actually have experienced #9. I was in a drive thru, and when I got to the window the cashier told me that the car ahead of me paid for my latte. It brightened my entire day, and now I do the same about once a month. I figure that whoever I’m paying for could use a little kindness…because that’s usually true for all of us. 🙂

    • Laura Swire
      20/11/2018 / 10:51 pm

      I love this!! I totally agree, plus kindness spreads more kindness <3 xx

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